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Who are you and what matters to you?

Through our newsletters we share stories about our clients, our impact and our work.

But we are also interested to learn about you, our supporters.

In February, we sent out a short survey, welcoming your thoughts on a few key questions, and this is what you told us:


1. What describes your connection to First Step?

54% of our supporter’s study or work in the field of mental health and/or addiction or the legal sector.

We heard from a supporter:
The information I have learned from this organisation [First Step] I have used in my current role of employment consultant in the disability sector. I have been able to build connections with my clients and we have developed an open dialogue in regards to AOD issues and harm reduction techniques. I am currently linking my harm reduction techniques with counselling to maintain my clients while waiting for services to intake them in Geelong.

2. What would you like to read about in our newsletters?

43.9% of our supporters would most like to read about client stories and testimonials in our newsletters, followed by how to reduce stigma (21.2%) and about First Step programs and projects (15.2%)

We heard from a supporter:
I am in recovery and want to see stories of similar efforts toward recovery and it isn’t necessarily focused on success. You have to give people who have lost a loved one, or lost themselves, a forum to openly speak.

So, we took this feedback on board and have created a ‘Client Stories’ page on our website:

If you would like to contribute a story or testimonial, please email [email protected]

3. Who would you prefer to hear from in our communications?

30% of our supporters would prefer to hear from clinical staff and 26% from our clients.

Bringing you stories from our clients can sometimes be tricky, but we are working hard to ensure that the voice of lived experience has a greater platform in our communications.

Check out our new Client Stories page on our website and we encourage all members of our community to engage with us across social media.

4. First Step is grounded in the following principles - which of these are most important to you?

Over half of our supporters felt that our goal of providing vulnerable Victorians with all the support they want and need from one team in one place is the principle that resonated most with them.

One supporter commented:
That principle is so rare in the Victorian health system – First Step are in the vanguard / system leaders in this regard.



We greatly appreciate that positive feedback, but we are not resting on our laurels. First Step is in the middle of its strategic planning process and even better service coordination and collaboration is top of the list.

If you missed out on responding, not to worry as we will send another survey out later this year.


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