First Step GP's

Your doctor will form the core of your support team at First Step, providing primary care, planning and referral.

If required, your doctor may formulate a Care Plan with you and will be instrumental in connecting you to other services offered by First Step or to outside referrals if necessary.  This may include referrals to psychologists, pyschiatrists and/or mental health nurses among other things.  Your doctor is a pivotal part of the team care arrangement you will experience at First Step and may work with you on such things as:

  • Replacement pharmacotherapy (methadone, buprenorphine, suboxone or naltrexone)
  • Reducing or ceasing your usage of illicit or prescription drugs referring you to the relevant specialists or forms of treatment
  • Women’s health
  • General medicine


First Step GP's include:

Dr. John Sherman

Dr. Peter Wright

Dr. Niall Quiery

Dr. Robyne Klein

Dr. Caroline Hawkins