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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides eligible people with a Capacity Building Support budget. This funding helps build independence and skills to support people to pursue their goals.

A specific category of this funding is called ‘Improved Daily Living’ which provides for assessment, training or therapy to help increase skills, independence and community participation. At First Step, these can be accessed through individual counselling.

Counselling can help with:

• Understanding self and other people
• Developing and improving relationships with friends, loved ones, school, work and community
• Finding direction in life and setting and achieving meaningful and realistic goals
• Expanding self-care abilities
• Helping to identify challenging behaviours and find more adaptive and alternate strategies
• Improving mental health and wellbeing
• Gaining the tools needed to develop new ways of relating to experiences and building capacity to achieve NDIS goals

The three main NDIS funding categories, which are sometimes called support budgets, are Core supports, Capital supports and Capacity Building supports. The NDIS defines the types of services and supports that you can purchase from each category.

Who are the NDIS Capacity Building supports for? 

Counselling is a therapeutic support to assist people to build their capacity to manage day-to-day living with confidence and independence. If an individual has been approved by the NDIA in their NDIS Plan Approval as being eligible to receive approved therapeutic psychological supports and capacity building, they can access counselling services.

First Step is approved to deliver counselling services under this NDIS category.

How to access counselling through NDIS at First Step?

An individual must first have this included in their NDIS Plan Approval. They can then call First Step on 03 9537 3177 to discuss their options.

The individual will need to provide a copy of their Plan and sign a consent form for First Step to contact their Plan Manager.