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Legal services

First Step Legal’s mission is to increase access to justice for particularly vulnerable people by bringing integrated legal help to them, wherever they present for support.

Visit our First Step Legal page to find out more about our unique legal service model.

Who are FSL services for?

First Step Legal (FSL) provides its pro-bono legal services to consumers who present with legal need at one of FSL’s seven health justice partnerships: the First Step Program, Windana Therapeutic Community, Alfred Health (St Kilda Road Clinic), Better Health Network, Launch Housing, Meli. and Anglicare. FSL only accepts referrals from these partners and priorities its casework to focus on clients who are genuinely engaged or wanting to be engaged in treatment, recovery and therapeutic interventions that will support their ongoing physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our legal team has a broad skill set meaning we can assist clients with criminal law matters, family violence and family law matters, infringements, and victims of crime applications.

How to access FSL services?

First Step clients can access FSL by seeking a referral to the service from their First Step treating professional. This is the same referral process for clients of FSL’s other health justice partners.

Where FSL does not have the capacity to directly manage the legal issue itself, FSL will make referrals to practitioners who are experienced in the relevant area of law. Our referrals are carefully considered, and the outcomes are reported back to us by the practitioners.

If you are not engaged with one of FSL’s health justice partnerships, we recommend you contact Victorian Legal Aid Help Line on 1300 792 387.