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Leave a gift in your Will to First Step

Join a special group of compassionate and generous people who are changing the world for people who use drugs and alcohol and people living with mental distress.

Why do I need a Will?

Ideally, everyone should have a will. Your will represents your values and priorities, ensuring that the people and causes you care about are provided for according to your wishes. However, in Australia, if someone passes away without a will, their assets are distributed according to a predetermined formula set by state and territory laws, which may not align with their personal wishes.

Including First Step in your Will is easy

1. Have a conversation with your loved ones.

2. Choose the type of gift that you would like to leave First Step. There are 3 options you can consider:

  • A ‘residuary gift’ is the whole or a percentage of the remainder of your estate once your other wishes have been carried out. (These gifts retain their value regardless of inflation).
  • A ‘specific gift’ is a fixed dollar amount.
  • A ‘specific asset’ is a possession or an item (eg. property or shares).

3. Now you’re ready to leave a gift in your Will to First Step, here is our suggested wording:

I give to The First Step Program (ABN 51 093 661 995) of 42 Carlisle Street St Kilda, Victoria, a gift of (insert here your choice of either a specific gift amount or a percentage of your residuary estate) for its general purposes.

Many of our supporters choose to include a residuary gift as this ensures that their loved ones always take priority and because even a small percentage of what remains can make a profound difference to our work. Also, unlike a monetary or specific gift, the value of a residual gift is less likely to decrease because of inflation.

We’d like to thank you

There is no obligation to inform us if you decide to include First Step in your will. However, by sharing your intentions, we can ensure that we provide you with information that is both helpful and relevant. Additionally, it would allow us to express our gratitude for your life-changing pledge.

We also understand that circumstances can change, and you are free to change your mind at any time. We will always respect whatever you decide.

Our responsibility to you

Every gift, no matter how big or small, will make a difference. First Step will use your gift where it’s needed most at the time, so that regardless of how far into the future that is, it will have the greatest impact.

We promise to use your gift carefully and cost effectively to make sure people who use drugs and alcohol and people living with mental distress can live well, be safe and be supported. Whatever the future holds, you can be assured that your gift will help the greatest number and most in need.

Find out more

For a confidential chat, please contact Nelly on 03 9537 3177 or at [email protected]

Thank you again for your interest.