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Vision: A community where people who use drugs and alcohol and people living with mental distress can live well, be safe and be supported.

Mission: Ensure people seeking support for alcohol and other drug use or mental distress get all the help they want and need in a welcoming, hope-filled environment.

Provide integrated care and support, maximising each person’s self-agency, resilience and connection.

Guiding principles

Person-centred and strength-based - The individual is respected and empowered to engage with and lead their own treatment and support. People harnessing their own strength and resilience is key to their recovery.  

Trauma-informed – We understand that adaptation to significant traumatic events (usually in childhood) is the origin of the mental distress or harmful drug or alcohol use in most of us.  This understanding is crucial to high quality care, whether or not it is addressed directly in an individual's care plan  

Recovery-oriented continuity of care – Though survival might be the primary goal of initial treatment and teamwork, we aim to support health and wellbeing for as long as people benefit from the therapeutic relationship.  We will protect and nurture that relationship at all times.  

Integrated service deliveryOur highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary team will always strive to give people all the support they want and need from one team in one place.  The team will plan and implement care in close partnership with each other and the people we are supporting. 

Integrated systemsCulture, funding, management systems, policies and procedures, record keeping and communications systems must all serve the goals of whole person care and a well-supported workforce. 

Partnership – Long term strategic partnerships will be developed with government, business, education and philanthropy to support the Whole Person, Whole System model. This will maintain sustainability, innovation, influence and an ever-improving culture of welcome, empathy and hope.