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False starts

For people accessing alcohol and drug treatment, it’s a big step.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that they are not managing well and to seek help, so we understand that when it comes time to turning up to the first appointment, there might be a false start.

We get it.

Participants might feel guilt or shame for missing that appointment, but the ResetLife team work hard to normalise this experience and let them know that it doesn’t mean they can’t come again. Our goal is to provide a positive experience so when they are ready to engage, whether with us or a different program, they are not scared off.

About 50% of participants have a false start – most of these people are new to treatment.

When it comes to ResetLife people don’t start straight into the program, there’s a bit of a run up. They meet the team, they visit the space, and they start to feel safe and comfortable and get a sense of hope before joining. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know them, to understand what their motivations are, what they want to achieve.

We connect with them through their feelings and their thoughts, we build trust, and that significantly increases the likelihood of them coming back. Like with any treatment model, it’s about the relationship between the client and the staff.

The ResetLife team knows that this is a tough process because our team have worked in this space for a long time. We understand.

When they join the program, participants are introduced to new theories, new languages, new behaviours and this can be very daunting. For some, it’s a bumpy landing and they might wonder if it’s really for them. Questioning if this is the right program is normal, but we have found that if a participant gets past the first month of treatment, then the likelihood of them staying engaged with the program increases significantly.

About 40% of people drop off and continue to self-manage. This does not exclude them from coming back when they are ready.

And when they are ready, we’ll be here.


by Benn Veenker
Manager, ResetLife


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