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Borrowing hope

Sometimes, hope is hard to come by in the early stages of recovery.  Sometimes it is hard to believe change is possible.  And it is in these moments that ResetLife Peer Support workers play their most important role – they hold the hope.

ResetLife is an abstinence-based 16-week program that includes individual, group and family education sessions, and is supported by qualified therapists and peer workers.

Peer Support workers in ResetLife have completed the program and have a deep understanding of the journey the participants are on.  People are not always aware of the progress they are making, so we reflect this back to them by pointing out that they might now be sleeping through the night, or that their relationships are more connected. 

We provide perspective, encouragement and motivation. And we remind them that success is a slow, incremental process that happens over time.  As long as they are engaged, they are rebuilding their self-confidence and they are working towards their own goals, they are succeeding.

It takes a leap of faith for people to invest time, effort and energy into changing their lives and by highlighting the glimpses that things are getting better, they borrow hope from us.


Andrew Hall
Peer Support Coordinator, ResetLife
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