Supporting our clients through COVID

Supporting our clients through COVID

Keeping our community healthy and safe has been our top priority during this period of COVID-19.

As you will remember, one of the four reasons people could leave home during lockdown, was to get the medical care they needed, and we certainly encouraged our clients to do just that.

In the most part, we transitioned to phone or video consultations.  And for those that couldn’t, whether they were too unwell, or simply did not have access to a telephone, we continued to see them face to face.

In the first three months of lockdown, we were busier than ever, providing 3,329 consultations – all whilst adapting to a new way of working virtually overnight.

We implemented a COVID Practice Plan from the first day of lockdown.  Any clients coming to 42 Carlisle Street had their temperature taken and were asked the standard questions we all got used to this year – have you travelled overseas?  Have you been in contact with anyone who is unwell?  Do you have any flu-like symptoms?  Anyone who answered ‘yes’ was seen in the portable POD we have at the side of the building, with staff in full personal protective equipment and using disposable equipment.

We made sure that we still helped people as much as possible.  And we made sure we looked after each other as well. We are committed to keeping our community healthy.

And remember, stay healthy by washing your hands, distancing yourself from others by 1.5m and take care of your mental health.


Gayle Wood
Operations Manager


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