National Psycho-social Services (NPS)

Flexible Funding Brokerage

NPS is designed to help people with severe and complex mental health to overcome financial barriers to recovery.  It is intended to complement existing clinical mental health treatment plans and broader physical health and/or social support programs. 

The focus of this program should be on developing capacity and connectedness during short periods of need.  It is not designed to provide ongoing support. 

The focus of NPS is to:

  • To build individual capacity (skills, resilience and social connectedness)
  • To provide short-term support

The aim is that this service will provide a flexible and integrated response during times when other treatment from other services is not forthcoming or appropriate.   This facility is intended to link clinical services and care coordination with other services in order to build pathways to self directed, ongoing support.

For some examples of how this support measure can be applied click here.


To be eligible to receive a NPS Flexible Funding Brokerage Service, a Consumer must:

Referrals can come from a variety of sources:


Instructions for Practitioners:

(A) For the initial application please complete the following forms (see items 1-5 below)

  1. SEMPHN Mental Health Referral Form: National Psychosocial Services Flexible Funding Brokerage
  2. Life Skills Profile-16 (LSP-16)
  3. Kessler Psychological Distress Scale 10 (K10)
  4. Camberwell Assessment of Need Short Appraisal Schedule (CANSAS)

  SEMPHN_MH_referral_form_NPS_snip.PNG K10_snip.PNGLSP-16_snip.PNG  CANSAS_snip.PNG

(B) Submit a copy of the SEMPHN Mental Health Referral Form together with the SCORES* for the K10, LSP-16 & CANSAS to SEMPHN Access & Referral (ph: 1800 862 363, fax: 1300 354 053)

     *Note - do not send the completed forms ONLY the scores at this stage

(C) AFTER eligibility has been confirmed by SEMPHN, download and send a completed copy of the Package Request form AND full copies of the K10, LSP-16 & CANSAS* 

        Send to: First Step, Attention Lauris Hanlon ( / FAX 03 9537 0133)

*NOTE: include the forms used in the original SEMPHN Referral - no need to repeat these at this stage.


(D) First Step will then be in touch (via email or phone) to discuss the next steps. 


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