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What you told us about YOU

Recently, we invited you to share your honest thoughts and feelings about First Step in a short survey. We were curious to understand you more, and also how we could better engage with our community.

Here is the good news about what we learnt from our supporters:

- 89% agree or strongly agree that First Step is working to achieve a goal that they care passionately about
- 79% agree or strongly agree that they are satisfied with the communications First Step send out
- 77% of respondents trust First Step to deliver on the outcomes it promises.

We were interested in learning why First Step is important to our supporters - 50% said they had a personal connection to our work and were either clients, former clients or family members; 18% said that their belief in a progressive drug policy was the most important reason; and about
22% either work or are studying in the sector.

And here is where we can provide additional support and improve:

- Only 59% feel very closely connected to First Step
- 1/3 feel neutral about the communications they receive from First Step
- Although 80% care passionately about our work, only 68% feel committed to their relationship with First Step.

When we asked respondents to describe how they perceived themselves as a supporter of First Step, they told us that above all else, they were caring.

'Caring' isn't just a sentiment - it's the very essence of what makes First Step not only impactful but profoundly human. The foundation of recovery is caring relationships.

When so many of our clients face stigma every single day, the significance of caring cannot be overstated. It's the compassionate hand, the empathetic ear, the unwavering support. Knowing that they are embraced by a community of caring people isn't just reassuring, it's transformative.

So, THANK YOU for caring.


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