ResetLife goes online

ResetLife goes online

“My life was pretty grim before I started ResetLife, having barely a thread of hope. 
Since starting and completing the ResetLife Program, it has restored that hope and confidence that I can recover from my addictions
and made me feel like I deserve to as well.” 

First Step is committed to the philosophy of harm minimisation and is proud to include the ResetLife treatment program for those ready to extend their treatment goals.  ResetLife is an abstinence-based 16-week program that includes individual, group and family education sessions, and is supported by qualified therapists and peer workers. 

When COVID-19 restrictions began, it impacted our service delivery model and ResetLife was moved online.  We were really concerned about our clients staying engaged and committed to the program, but as the weeks unfolded, we were pleasantly surprised. 

We found that client engagement increased and attendance rates in groups were consistently high.  Our clients were keen for contact with their peers (people with a lived experience of addiction) and workers, especially those clients who lived alone or had little other contacts.  And for many, it was easier to attend as they could just turn on the computer rather than navigate traffic or public transport. 

The other unexpected benefit of being online, was that it made it easier and more convenient for family members to attend the Family Education sessions.  Having families connecting became the norm, even from interstate and overseas

ResetLife has a ‘rolling admission’, which means clients can enter the program at any stage.  Because of this, they develop strong support networks through the sharing of mutual experiences.  Peers often hold hope for those new clients to look towards, when they cannot hold it for themselves.

Eleven clients have completed the program since COVID-19 started. And for most of them, we have not met in person!  This really is a testament to their personal drive and determination to turn their lives around. 

We look forward to celebrating their graduation in the new year when we can all be together face to face.

Benn Veenker
Key Supervisor



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