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Whole Person, Whole System Model

At First Step we are delighted to officially launch our Strategic Plan 2022-26. Over six months we held numerous consultations and workshops with staff, the people we seek to help, partners and other stakeholders to develop this Plan.

The diagram below provides an overview – click on it to see more information.

First Step really is in a unique position. Years ahead of our time, we embody many of the findings from the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, as you can see from our many mentions in the final report (here’s the link).

We are in the Alcohol and Other Drug sector, but we come at it from primary care (GPs). We work in the mental health space, but always co-occurring, looking not just at mental health but the other needs in a person’s life including legal concerns, running the only community legal centre embedded within a health practice in the entire country.

First Step’s example is crucial. Not only our clients and their families, but also the health sector needs First Step to be strong, to continue to innovate, to evaluate and share our learnings and to keep pushing the boundaries of compassionate care.

Over the next four years First Step seeks to:

- ensure operational and financial sustainability
- codify, document and evaluate our empowering model of care
- leverage our strong relationship, reputation and impact with government for consistent funding
- engage with partners in community, health and business sectors to broaden our scope and impact
- maintain our role as a pioneer in multiple sectors (alcohol and other drugs, mental health, housing, legal services)
- leading cultural reform through education and innovation


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