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Michael's story

I cannot even begin to describe in words how grateful I feel towards everyone at First Step. Here is a little bit about my story and how ResetLife changed my life.

I started drinking alcohol in excess, in early 2020 when I went through a particularly difficult break up with my ex and my children relocated overseas. The emotional pain was too much for me to bear. Initially alcohol seemed to be the answer to numb the pain that was so constant in my heart and couldn't seem to be alleviated in any other way. Attempts to stop drinking provided brief periods of respite, but they always failed and the drinking, uncontrolled behaviour and my sense of shame and despair spiralled out of control for the umpteenth time.

My addiction quickly progressed to the point where I was unable to go a day without drinking and the horrific effects of withdrawal which I could only eliminate by drinking even more. What followed were the most horrific two and a half years of my life, in and out of hospital, rehabs and always promising those dear to me that this was genuinely the last time.

I eventually ended up in St. Vincent's Hospital with withdrawal and alcohol related complications, it was there that I had some time to contemplate the havoc and insidious powerful nature of addiction that I could not shake on my own, this was a disease that had to be tackled with sound tactful intellect rather than sheer willpower alone.

I was told about a program called ResetLife at First Step that had helped many people achieve sobriety. I was sceptical at first but willing to try anything at that point.

I initially had a phone call with Benn who reassured me that I was not alone and with the right help and willingness I could beat this seemingly insurmountable disease. Initially, I found it confusing, wondering what I was supposed to say in the group sessions and puzzled by some of the language, the rules and procedures.

But the mist soon cleared, and I found myself amongst a group of wonderful people from all walks of life, whose lives, like mine, were being destroyed by addiction of one kind or another.

For the first time I found I was able to be open and honest with my peers and therapist about my addiction and its consequences.

The positive impact Resetlife has had on my life is a perpetual stream of overflowing goodness.

ResetLife helped me gain a better understanding of myself, my addiction, and a set of tools and strategies for sustaining my recovery in the outside world and not just survive but thrive.

I am now taking all this incredible wealth of knowledge and experience that I have gained and forging a career to help others in similar situations. If I have one piece of advice for anyone struggling with substance abuse/addiction it is to ask for help, because help is out there.

- ResetLife client