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The First Step Centre of Excellence

The First Step Centre of Excellence will deliver a new standard of integrated care in Australia. We will combine treatment, research, training and advocacy to government.  We will push the frontiers of world-class, fully integrated treatment and support for people with co-occurring needs, including drug use.

First Step will showcase a model that is replicable across Australia, will lead reform and promote innovation, and will be instrumental in securing sustainable government funding and support.

Meet Louise

"I arrived at First Step terrified and very fragile. I eventually joined the ResetLife program [16-week abstinence-based outpatient program]. The first few weeks were particularly hard, but by halfway through the program, I really found my stride.

First Step invited me to join the Lived and Living Experience Working Group and I began to feel that I had purpose and value.
And I got the chance to tell my story at an event - I had never thought about everything that had happened to me. After the event, a participant that had just started ResetLife said, 'You've given me hope.'

If I can tell my story and give somebody hope that their life will get better, that's what really matters, then it’s worthwhile that it all happened the way it did.” – Louise, First Step client

You are a Champion of Excellence

We invite you to join a remarkable community of dedicated and determined supporters to take up the challenge and invest in First Step and its future as a Centre of Excellence.

First Step has signed a 10-year lease on 18 Mitford Street St Kilda and will relocate our dedicated team of 45 people by November 2024.

The property was previously used, and fitted-out, as a community health centre. However, it still requires minor building works and modifications, upgrades and a custom fit-out to create a future-fit facility that will serve First Step for the next 10 years and beyond.  

To do this, we need to raise $650,000.

Like everything that has come before at First Step, we are looking to our compassionate community to make the Centre of Excellence a reality.

By becoming a Champion of Excellence, you are joining a long and proud history of philanthropic giving at First Step.

How you can help

Join a special group of compassionate and generous people like you, who are changing the world for people who use drugs and alcohol and people living with mental distress.

As we embark on this transformative endeavour to establish the First Step Centre of Excellence, we invite you to partner with us in realising this ambitious vision.

Silver Champion of Excellence:

"As a long-time supporter of First Step, I have witnessed first-hand the profound impact this organisation has on individuals and families grappling with addiction and mental health challenges. It is with great pride and heartfelt gratitude that I share my testimonial.

First Step embodies the very essence of compassion and dedication. Their comprehensive approach to treatment and support goes beyond just addressing symptoms; they work tirelessly to understand and tackle the root causes of addiction and mental health issues. This holistic methodology not only aids in immediate recovery but also lays a solid foundation for long-term well-being and resilience.

I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the First Step team. Their staff includes some of the most skilled and compassionate professionals in the field, providing top-notch care that is both evidence-based and deeply empathetic. The success stories emerging from First Step are a testament to their exceptional work—stories of individuals who have reclaimed their lives, rebuilt relationships, and found hope and purpose once again.

Supporting First Step has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. Knowing that my contributions help sustain such vital services fills me with a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment. I am continually inspired by the resilience of those who seek help from First Step and the unwavering dedication of the staff who support them on their journey to recovery.

I wholeheartedly encourage others to support First Step. In doing so, you are not just donating to an organisation; you are investing in the futures of countless individuals and families, fostering a healthier, more compassionate society for us all." - Con Nakas, Director


Invest in Excellence