The overuse of drugs or alcohol is an enormous problem in Australia for which individuals, their friends and family, and society is paying a huge cost. In financial terms the cost is in the billions per annum; in terms of mental and physical suffering and the breakdown of relationships, the cost is unfathomable.

Integration refers to First Step’s desire to ‘get ahead of the problem’ and integrate consideration of Alcohol and Other drugs wherever relevant and helpful. Integration at First Step has three key components:


First Step is working constantly at multiple levels to reduce the stigma around substance dependence and addiction, and to have it considered at all levels of society. To this end we are hoping to follow the path mapped out by mental health advocates who have taken great strides in getting mental health in the spotlight whilst also making an individual’s own mental health something that is okay to talk about.


First Step has recently developed Workforce Wellbeing. Workforce Wellbeing is a support program which combines elements of an Employee Assistance Program such as counselling, with workplace presentations on drugs, alcohol and mental health, SMS support, advice and support to managers and debriefing.

Follow this link to learn more about Workforce Wellbeing.


Mental Health Boot Camp is a 30-day program to maximise your mental health through a flexible program of easy-to-implement activities. This can be done as an individual, a family, a workplace or any other group, and whilst receive expert support from our clinical team you also raise funds for one of Australia’s most unique and crucial services: First Step!

Follow this link to learn more about Mental Health Boot Camp.