Our Approach

At First Step, the broader treatment goal is to achieve incremental, whole-of-life improvements. 

When a client needs support across multiple areas (due to chronic mental health and addiction), significant improvements can be achieved by a coordinated, multi-disciplinary team, working side-by-side on a daily basis. Experience has taught us that referring people to other services in other locations dramatically reduces their likelihood of attending, whilst removing the possibility of coordinated planning and implementation of services. 

Our integrated approach has a very real chance of helping vulnerable clients turn their lives around.

First Step is at the forefront of clinical developments; we partner with other respected institutions and are active in the community. We advocate for a progressive approach to drug policy and to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health, and we collaborate with federal, state and local governments to implement treatment programs.

Our work also extends beyond the four walls of our clinic, providing support to families and the wider community.