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Fees, Access and Your Rights

All services at First Step are free at the point of delivery. Many patients are referred to us, but you can still see us even if you don’t have a referral. 

First Step is accredited both as General Practice and as a Community Legal Centre. We adhere to the highest standards of digital data management and privacy of information. 

What you can expect from First Step:

  • Clean, neat and appropriate facilities
  • Convenient, accessible appointment times
  • A non-judgemental and friendly attitude
  • Professional and highly experienced clinicians and front desk staff
  • Clear communications without jargon
  • A consistent effort from us to achieve the best outcomes possible for you
  • Short waiting times when you arrive on time for an appointment 

What First Step expects from you:

  • Make an appointment whenever possible (best to get in the habit of doing that straight after you see the doctor etc.)
  • Attend appointments on time. Call if you’re running late. Call in advance if you need to cancel.
  • The same respectful and friendly attitude that you will see from us.
  • Honest communication with your clinical team (we can’t help you if we don’t have the full picture)

Please call in advance to make an appointment, and remember to bring your Medicare Card (and Health Care Card if you have one).