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First Step and The Funding Network

24 April 2020

I have a fabulous opportunity next Wednesday at 5.30pm to speak to hundreds of people about the live-saving work of First Step. I will be speaking (with 3 other CEOs of fantastic mental health not-for-profits) as a finalist in The Funding Networks first ever online event.

The previous, successful format was that you get 100+ interested parties in a room, each CEO gives a 6-minute pitch, and individuals and businesses pledge support in an upbeat bidding kind of process. By all accounts it’s a fun night and people get to feel good and connected about making a contribution.

Now, under COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, that is going online. It will be a great chance to get connected and get cracking on helping vulnerable Victorians. Still the ‘6-minutes of my best’, but all participants will be joining remotely. The one advantage is that there are no limitations on numbers at all; the more the merrier, so please sign up and tell your friends.

We are so lucky at First Step that we've been able to transition, almost seamlessly, to telehealth and phone health, with not a single client (of our 2,500) 'going missing.' Surprisingly, for some clients, telehealth is actually better than face-to-face, but I for one have had enough Zoom meetings to last a lifetime!

Below is the promotional video (I saw a few cheeky words at the end), the website for registering.

At First Step we believe that everybody deserves every chance to turn their lives around. If we do well on the night we can make that vision a reality for more people.


Patrick Lawrence
Chief Executive Officer