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Adrian's story

The impact that ResetLife has had on my life has been profound in every aspect.

Prior to joining the program my life was in chaos. I feared for my future and my ability to look after my sons. I was quickly spiralling out of control with an addiction to alcohol. I felt helpless and afraid.

I was arrested for the second time for high range drink driving which was a catalyst for me to seek help.

The ResetLife Program has changed my life completely.

The program uses a scientific method to reprogram the brain. I have become aware of how the addictive brain works for an addict and how it can use tricks to try to obtain its drug of choice. Attending 4 months of intensive therapy was challenging but I understand it is necessary so that the neural pathways can be given enough time to be reprogrammed.

This program was ideal for me because there was no way I could have attended an in-patient facility due to my personal circumstances.

I have a different life now, and infinitely so much better. I go to the gym 5 mornings per week. I have made healthy connections with others without involving drugs or alcohol. My life now has order and is the opposite of chaos. My weeks are tightly scheduled, and I understand how to manage the challenges and risks that face an addict for a lifetime. I cannot state enough how much I admire the therapists that I have worked with at ResetLife for over the last 4 months. Their devotion to helping others is just amazing and it must be extremely challenging for them at times. I have formed strong bonds with other participants, and we regularly keep in contact and help each other with life's challenges.

ResetLife has changed my life and I cannot recommend it more highly to anyone facing addiction issues.

- ResetLife client