Reception staff: Ros Hill (Senior Receptionist), Lauris Hanlon, Dom Behan

Medical Doctors: Dr Peter Wright (GP), Dr John Sherman (GP), Dr Ernie Andrada (GP), Dr Robyne Klein (GP), Dr David Iser (Gastroenterologist), Dr Suman Majumdar (Infectious Diseases Specialist)

Mental Health Nurses: Joe Fishburn (Clinical Lead), Clara Summers, Jane Cairo

Practice Nurse and Clinical Care Coordinator: Haydn Salomons

Hepatitis Nurse Consultants: Sally Watkinson, Brad Whitton

Psychologists: Dr Jan Borrell (Clinical Psychologist), Joseph Szakmary (Psychologist)

Psychiatrist: Dr Dianne Grocott and Dr Catherine Hearn

First Step Legal: Tania Wolff (Manager & Principal Lawyer), Kirsten Matthews (Legal Case Manager), Janine Perlman (Lawyer), Michelle Goldberg (family violence lawyer)

Care Coordinators: Dom Behan, Lauris Hanlon, Amy Walker, Kym Coupe

Administration: Patrick Lawrence (CEO), Gayle Wood (Operations Manager), Delwyn Maxwell (Marketing Manager)