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Our values

2 January 2024

In an extensive process through multiple staff meetings, groupwork, and a Board and Leadership Team workshop, First Step now has its official values.

It was a fascinating process to understand from our staff what they believe First Step is all about.

On the whole, there was extraordinary alignment about issues like compassion and respect, which expressed itself as empathy, listening, inquiry, dignity, communication, understanding, honesty, connectedness, validation, love, fairness and more.

In the end we needed a list that was truly representative, memorable and aspirational.

Innovation (with a bit of ‘evidence-based’ mixed in) is perhaps the most aspirational word, very much representative of First Step’s origins, but also of our desire, and need, to constantly improve our work as individuals, small teams and one big team. It also highlights what is needed for First Step to be an impactful organisation in the future that directly improves the lives of clients, but also helps our treatment sectors, governments and communities to do the same.

As a supporter of First Step, we hope that you can see yourself in these words, Compassion, Respect, Innovation, and that they inspire your continued devotion to our work and this community.

Patrick Lawrence
Chief Executive Officer