First Step is a not for profit organisation, based in Melbourne,
whose aim is to help people overcome drug and alcohol addiction and the associated mental health and social issues.

Provided in one location our services are specifically designed to work with people living with addiction
and are free (fully funded) to all patients.

First Step's approach

  • At First Step our clinicians specialise in addiction and are qualified, experienced and competent in both addiction and mental health
  • We not only diagnose and treat the dependence but diagnose and treat the mental health issues
  • The combination of this integrated team of clinicians who specialise in addiction and our all-encompassing services means that every aspect of an individual’s recovery can be supported and provided in one location
  • That means patients are more likely to move from the chaos of addiction and into safe productive lives and is what sets First Step apart from other addiction treatment programs
First Step's approach

From our Patron Rev. Tim Costello

From our Patron Rev. Tim Costello


My involvement with First Step began with the establishment of the clinic in July 2000, as one of the clinic’s founding directors. First Step was created to meet a need for low-cost, effective treatment options, primarily for people using heroin that would assist them to overcome their drug dependence. One person’s drug use can have an extraordinary ripple effect that takes in their immediate family, friends and the broader community.

First Step aims to provide the necessary support and treatment options, accessible to all, that enable those seeking the clinic’s assistance to live a life in all its fullness. In addition to a fervent belief in maintaining affordability. First Step is committed to treating people with the respect and compassion they deserve and working with them in engaging as fulfilled members of the community.