A new program at First Step - ResetLife

First Step is very excited to announce that we will soon be commencing a new abstinence-based, group therapy at First Step: ResetLife.  First Step was the successful tenderer to the South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (SEMPHN) and we're now working hard to get the program up and running.

First Step has always operated within a harm minimisation framework and this is something quite different.  We had several conversations as a team before tendering and decided that ResetLife would make a fantastic new treatment option for our clients and other clients in the area.  We're not saying everyone should try to be abstinent, or even that it's the pinnacle.  Across the clinic we will continue to work to minimise harm for our clients, but for some of them who might be ready for and wanting abstinence, there will be a fantastic new 16 week (plus) program to help them prevent relapse, learn new skills, plan their future and reconnect with loved ones.

Have a read about the program from SEMPHN's press release.  We are still recruiting for some rules too, so be sure to check our careers page.

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