Our Vision, Mission and Values


First Step strives to provide safe and effective pathways for those suffering from addiction related illnesses. Our aim is to help them achieve the ability to re-engage with their communities in a positive and constructive way.


Our mission is to use effective medical and therapeutic techniques to minimise the effects of addiction and mental health issues and to provide consistent and long term support. Our aim is to provide individuals with the support and the skills to rebuild their own lives. We consider the following areas to be central to the success of our mission:

Affordability and Accessibility

We aim to provide affordable, accessible and non-judgemental services to all who seek assistance.

Medical Programs

We provide an environment in which staff members work with patients to determine which of our range of medical treatment programs are appropriate for them. These programs may include treatment for addiction, mental health problems and Hep C among others.

Psycho–Social Programs

We provide compassionate advice, referral, support and counseling (psychologists and mental health nurses).


We provide legal advice and legal representation free of charge to clients who are actively engaged in treatment with the First Step health service providers.


We provide pre-employment training and counselling programs and opportunities for employment with participating businesses.

Research and Innovation

We pioneer innovative treatments and seek to influence public drug policy.


First Step seeks to support and maximise the well-being of all people that seek our help.


First Step believes in the right of all people, regardless of financial status or previous life history, to receive assistance to overcome their illness.  We recognise the strength and bravery required to seek assistance and strive to support each individual for as long as they require help.


Compassion is a cornerstone of the First Step ethos.   We believe that all people are deserving of our compassion and support and we strive to deliver that at each point of contact between our patients and our team.


First Step operates in a manner that both shows and demands respect to patients, their families, staff and volunteers in the belief that only in such an environment of trust and respect can progress truly be made.


Through its associations with respected bodies in the Addiction and Mental Health space First Step stays abreast of new developments in treatment and delivery of service for our patients.    The First Step also seeks to communicate regularly with external policy makers to encourage them to both to remain open-minded about new treatment methods and to keep them informed of trends and changes noticed in our patient group.


First Step strives to deliver excellence in caring for the physical, mental and social well-being of patients, their families, staff and volunteers.

Passion and Appreciation

First Step exists due to the passion of its staff, volunteers and founders. First Step strives to maintain an environment that fosters this passion, and publicly and frequently expresses its gratitude to all its team members.