Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is a community free from addiction and substance abuse related issues and the problems it creates in people's lives.


Our mission is to provide safe and effective pathways to recovery for all people with addiction and substance abuse related issues to assist them to positively engage with the community.  To enact this mission, we are committed to:

Affordability and Accessibility

We aim to provide affordable, accessible and non-judgemental services to all who seek assistance.

Medical Programs

We provide an environment in which staff members work with patients to determine which of our range of medical treatment programs are appropriate for them. These programs may include treatment for addiction, mental health problems and Hep C.

Psycho–Social Programs

We provide compassionate advice, referral, support and counseling. 


We provide access to a free legal service for those engaging in our treatment programs who face criminal proceedings in the Victorian Legal System.  

Vocational Support

We provide pre-vocational training and counselling programs and opportunities for employment with participating businesses.

Research and Innovation

We pioneer innovative treatments and seek to influence public drug policy.


Every aspect of our work aims to maximise the well-being of all people that seek our help.


First Step believes in the right of all people, regardless of financial status or other factors, to receive assistance in overcoming obstacles in their lives. We believe in the right of all individuals to flourish, and our aim is to assist people to maximise their long-term happiness.  


We maintain a compassionate approach to our relationships with all people.  All visitors to the practice are treated as individuals deserving of assistance in whichever way we are able to offer it.  


We always operate in a manner that shows respect to patients, their families, staff and volunteers in the belief that such an environment enables the best outcomes for all these groups.  


By recognising the changing nature of drug use and maintaining a flexible approach to all aspects of the treatment of drug dependence, the practice takes full advantage of new developments in the field, and periodically reviews its existing treatment methods.  The practice also encourages external policy makers to remain open-minded about new treatment methods and advocates for the acceptance of proven progressive interventions.


We continually aim for excellence in caring for the physical and mental health of patients, their families, staff and volunteers.

Passion and Appreciation

We exist due to the passion of our staff, volunteers and founders. We strive to maintain an environment that fosters this passion, and publicly and frequently expresses its gratitude to all our team members.