HIV on the rise for straight men

HIV on the rise for straight men

Very important news! The Kirby institute has released data indicating a DROP in HIV infections among men who have sex with men, but in INCREASE in infections among men who don't (ie. heterosexual men). Not only is there an increase, but the time to diagnosis and time to treatment averages 4 years which is enough time to 1) start getting sick (ie. have AIDS, not just HIV infection) and 2) pass it on to every unprotected sexual partner in the interim.

It's perhaps not common knowledge yet, but there is something called PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). This is a daily pill that greatly diminishes a person's chance of being infected with the virus upon having unprotected sex with someone with the virus . . . and it's saving lives. It's strongly recommended for sexually active (ie. having sex) gay or bisexual men, and it's easy to imagine that the advice might be changing for straight men in light of this study.

Your doctor can prescribe PrEP, including of course our doctors here at First Step: Dr Robyne Klein, Dr John Sherman, Dr Peter Wright or Dr Ernie Andrada.

Asking your doctor about PrEP is not a statement that you are gay or bisexual or promiscuous or left-handed or a pisces. It just means you're being careful. Please look in to this great medical advance to protect yourself, your partner(s) and anyone who'd be affected by you getting sick (eg. your kids).

And share this post (or others on this topic) to get the word out there. HIV is still around, and despite life-saving treatments for people with the virus, it is still something you should be doing everything you can.

Get tested (defo!) and maybe get PrEPared.

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