First Step Legal

First Step Legal

First Step Legal (FSL) is a fully accredited legal service, providing pro bono legal advice and representation to clients actively engaged in treatment at First Step.  FSL has a long history of work in criminal law and are delighted to have recently bolstered our offering with a highly-skilled family violence lawyer.

First Step Legal is a unique community legal centre that from its inception has offered legal assistance on a pro bono basis.  We are funded by the donations of private individuals, philanthropic grants and the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation (case manager and family violence lawyer).

The health-justice partnership was conceived with the understanding that legal issues create stress. This stress can lead to ill health and has the potential to significantly compromise rehabilitation efforts, in the process destabilising recovery.  This is detrimental both for the individual and also for the wider community, with the associated implications of relapse, mental health deterioration and a heightened risk of re-offending.

The objective of First Step Legal is to provide an on-site, fully funded legal service to clients in order to ensure that legal issues do not derail rehabilitation efforts.

The First Step Legal model is more than a co-location of services. It involves an integrated and coordinated approach to supporting people dealing with mental health and addiction issues. Integrating legal services into a healthcare setting not only provides a direct referral pathway between health professionals and legal practitioners but also contributes to better legal and health outcomes for our clients.

First Step Legal strives to ensure that clients are well informed about the legal process throughout the proceedings, to enable them to make informed decisions. Treating professionals are advised of the status of the proceedings at each stage of the process, to ensure that the client receives adequate support throughout what can be a very stressful period.

First Step Legal works collaboratively with treating professionals to help stabilise and support clients in their recovery.  This facilitates court dispositions that support the clients’ ongoing treatment and recovery in the community. 

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First Step Legal is accredited with the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC).
Our principal lawyer, Tania Wolff, is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist through the Law Institute of Victoria.


Eligible clients are patients of First Step (health service) who are actively engaged in treatment and may be facing criminal proceedings in Victoria or have other legal issues such as tenancy, infringement, intervention order, civil debt, or family law issues.

Where the legal service does not have the resources to directly handle the matter ourselves, we make referrals to practitioners who are experienced in practice in the relevant area of law. Our referrals are carefully considered and the outcomes are reported back to us by the practitioners to whom we have referred our client.

First Step patients can ask to speak to a lawyer at First Step Legal who will determine if they are eligible for support from this service.

Contact the clinic on 9537 3177.

Click here for a great overview of the program from our recent poster presentation at the Health Justice Partnerships conference in Melbourne.