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COVID-19 update

First Step has settled into a new rhythm now that Victoria has been locked down for a period of time due to the Corona virus/COVID-19.  Please note:

- Drs John, Peter, Niall and Robyne (the GPs) are operating almost as usual except that almost all appointments are happening by phone.  PLEASE CALL AHEAD on 9537 3177 to see if you need to attend in person (you probably don't) and the reception staff will most likely ask you to call back at your appointment time.

- Joe, Kym, Amy, Clara and Jane in the Mental Health Integrated Complex Care (MHICC) team are all working from home.  They are contacting clients as usual and very busy.  If you are a MHICC client and want to get hold of them please call reception on 9537 3177.

- Lauris and Hayley in National Psychosocial Services Funding Brokerage are doing business as usual except from home.

- Tammi, Alejandro, Hayley and Benn in the Reset Life team (group psycho-education) are doing all groups over Zoom, and individual or small groups are happening over the phone or via Zoom.  Reset Life is open for referrals, so please visit for more info.

- If you see Haydn for nursing services (such as wound dressing) that will still be possible, but please call reception if you haven't been in touch for a while: 9537 3177.

- Counselling with Joseph continues but now over the phone.

First Step Legal also continues as usual and can be accessed over the phone.  Tania, Michelle and Adam are all working from home and will doubtless have already been in touch with you if there are changes to the progress of your case as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and court closures.  Call 9537 3177 if you need to talk to them.

Please call reception if you have any questions, or anything hasn't been covered above: 9537 3177.  We are working our hardest to ensure that we are still helping people as much as possible, and mostly it is going pretty well.  We are adapting, you are adapting and we'll keep working together.  Hang in there.