Support and Information Evening for Families & Friends

Do you know someone struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol?

Inevitably addiction has  a profound effect on families and friends trying to support or live with, those affected by addiction – oftentimes this will impact their own physical and mental health.

The First Step Program is proud to announce a series of Information and Support evenings tailored towards families and friends of those affected by Drug or Alcohol Addiction.

These Support and Information evenings are designed to provide a forum within which Families, Friends and Significant Others can to seek information and understanding, in addition to learning  techniques and strategies for dealing with those suffering from addiction.

Delivered by medical and legal practitioners highly experienced in addiction  treatment and management, these 2 hour sessions are intended to equip participants with strategies that can help create more stability in their lives and that of their addicted loved one. Group members will benefit from facilitated, compassionate and non-judgmental support.

Some of the topics include:

Self-care • Enabling or empowering • Implementing Boundaries • Stress management & mindfulness • Co-dependency • Why addiction has been declared a disease • Tough love • Neurological aspects of addiction • Addiction treatments • Causes of addiction • Supporting loved ones when they come home • Relapse strategies • Addiction and the Law


As part of our approach to providing compassionate and accessible Care and Support, we are offering these support group sessions at no cost to families and friends of those struggling with addiction.  There is no limit to the number of people attending from each family however, we do have a limit on the number of people we can accommodate in each session.   Bookings are essential.


Thursday April 20th, 5:0pm – 7:0pm       ADDICTION, WHAT IS IT, WHAT ARE THE TREATMENT OPTIONS


Thursday June 22nd, 5:0pm – 7:0pm       ADDICTION AND THE LAW


First Step, 42 Carlisle Street, St Kilda, Vic 3182

Who should attend:

Families and friends over 17 years of age who care for or are related to an individual struggling with addiction.

How to register:          

Contact us on 9537 3177 to secure your spot or for more information