getting help

Our aim is to help you or someone you care about overcome drug and alcohol addiction and any associated mental health and social issues.

At First Step our clinicians specialise in addiction and are qualified, experienced and competent in both addiction and mental health.


 How can First Step help me?

First Step can help; addiction is treatable and you can get your life back. First Step can provide you with specialist medical care supported by our doctors, mental health, psychological, social work, legal and employment services and programs. Provided in one location our services are specifically designed to work with people living with addiction.  Our services are all bulk-billed and you don’t need a referral.

One of the strengths of First Step is our ability to refer clients to multiple forms of support in the same building, and often on the same day. For example when a patient visits First Step to see a doctor the doctor may feel they would benefit from seeing a counsellor, psychologist or mental health nurse. At First Step the patient doesn’t need to go somewhere else. It’s a one stop shop, and it’s all bulk-billed and/or self-funded by First Step; there is no cost to the patient.

If you would like to make an appointment or to simply talk to someone please contact us by phone or email.

Phone: T: (03) 9537 3177 F: (03) 9537 0133


Someone I care about needs help

At First Step we know from experience that it is not easy to deal with the fact that someone you care about is living with addiction and all the problems in creates in their lives. First Step has always recognised the importance of working with friends and family of our patients to support those individuals whilst also maximising the chances of treatment success.

When you are concerned about someone’s drug or alcohol use, maybe your son or daughter, maybe your partner, it takes a toll on your own physical, mental and social well-being. First Step not only helps individuals but it can help families to process their feelings and manage their own self-care.

Phone: T: (03) 9537 3177 F: (03) 9537 0133


What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the practice of identifying and treating mental health and addiction problems simultaneously; each of these aspects cannot improve without progress in the other area. We know that people with addiction issues have far higher rates of poor mental health than the general community. At First Step we consider the mental health of all patient and address addiction and mental health issues in an intergrated service model. This is a key factor behind the success of First Step.

How much will First Step charge?

Absolutely central to First Step’s mission is the aim to provide affordable, accessible and non-judgemental services to all who seek assistance. A combination of Medicare and philanthropic funding enables First Step to offer our complete suite of treatments and support to anyone who seeks our assistance, and no cost to the patient.


Help and Support

First Step will provide you with support and treat you with respect and compassion. Our aim is to assist you to get well and to lead a safe and fulfilled life.

Contact Us:

Address: 42 Carlisle St, St Kilda, 3182

Phone: T: (03) 9537 3177 F: (03) 9537 0133